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I like fantasy films that just don't even try to be believable. Finally watched Interstate 60 yesterday and thought that everything the main character had to go through was just his coma dream, but in the end the director decided to prove that everything that happened was, indeed, "real". He found the way to make this miracle believable without having to bother to explain the existence of a nonexistent interstate highway. Or, think about "Being John Malkovich". It surely takes place in our world where something like a tunnel to Malkovich's brain is not possible, but the film itself is made so well you don't even question it, and it becomes easy to suspend your disbelief.



Woke up from a nightmare. I was in Hell, I think. But Hell turned out to be a huge gallery of Caravaggio's paintings. Raging giant bulls roamed around the place, tearing and hurling people around. People tried to run, but I thought: if I'm already here, there's no escaping. I stood still waiting for the bull to kick me out, and as soon as he got me, the scene suddenly changed. A rider appeared on the bull and I was in his hands, I was the size of a mouse compared to him. It must have been Satan himself. He didn't seem to be evil at first, but then, when I told him that he doesn't need to do this, he "squeezed" me out like a tube of toothpaste. And I felt pain. Real pain, it was the most"painful" dream I ever had in my life. The pain was still there after I woke up, just for a second or less, but it still followed me into the real world. It was somewhere in my back. Probably just slept in wrong position.



I asked a writer a qusetion regarding his story by email and he replied. It was nice.



Crappy new year, gentlemen!



List of life achievements 2017: killed someone with a flashbang in csgo